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IPL treatments
Intense Pulsed Light treatments in the right hands are an effective, non-invasive procedure used to permanently reduce unwanted hair and improve many skin conditions.

It uses specific wavelengths of light which are absorbed into melanin (the dark pigment in your hair and skin) and haemoglobin (the red colour in your blood vessels).

This light converts to heat, which selectively damages the target cells whilst leaving the surrounding skin unaffected.


If you are looking for permanent laser hair removal specialists in Southampton contact us at
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IPL clients are required to have a consultation with Marzena before treatment.

IPL Hair Removal Pre-Treatment:
Stay out of the sun for at least two weeks.
Shave the area to be treated.
Treatment area should be clean (no lotions, creams, makeup, etc.).

IPL Hair Removal Treatment:
For your safety and the effectiveness of the IPL Hair Removal procedure, our skin specialists may ask some medical questions before your procedure.
IPL Hair Removal equipment contains cooling systems to ease the mild pinching of the light - you may feel a slight cooling sensation.

IPL Hair Removal Post-Treatment:
It is normal for the hair to continue to grow until all sessions are completed; however, you will notice that significantly less hair will grow back after each IPL treatment.
Your skin will return to its natural color shortly after IPL treatment. Very rarely, some pink or redness may linger for a day or two.
Do not wax between laser sessions - only shave if necessary.

Results After IPL Hair Removal Treatment:
Significantly less hair grows back after each treatment.
Depending on your skin type and hair color, permanent hair removal can be expected.
Multiple IPL sessions required at five week intervals.

IPL Hair Removal Menu:
Lips / Ears / Hands / Feet / Chin
Forehead / Stomach Line / Jaw Line
Bikini / Gluts / Sideburns / Neck / Chest / Underarm
Shoulders / Stomach / Brazilian Bikini / Half Legs / Half Arms / Half Back
Full Back / Full Legs / Full Arms

ipl hair removal ipl hair removal ipl hair removal ipl hair removal
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Gift Card
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